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Stop the Dog Ban on Portmellon Beach, Cornwall

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Campaign Against the Dog Ban on Portmellon Beach

Mevagissey Parish Council has banned dogs during July, August & September every year.

We believe this ban is unnecessary, without foundation and detrimental to the local community and tourism, upon which many people rely for their livelihoods.

Dogs Love Portmellon is the campaign against the proposed ban, supported by over 700 people who want to keep Portmellon open for families and responsible dog owners to enjoy all-year-round.

Please read our arguments with an alternative proposal and sign our online petition.


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First Season Dog Ban Ends

1 year, 328 days ago

The first season of the Parish Council's devastating and unwarranted dog ban has come to an end. See our update.


Dog Ban Starts

2 years, 55 days ago

The dog ban on Portmellon Beach started on 1 July 2014 and will run to 30 September.


Dog Control Order Carried

2 years, 102 days ago

The Parish Council voted to implement their proposed dog ban starting on 1 July 2014.


Our Consultation Response Document

2 years, 131 days ago

The statutory consultation on the proposed 3-moth dog ban ended on 16 April 2014. You can download our response document here.


Statutory Consultation

2 years, 159 days ago

Mevagissey Parish Council, undertook a formal 28-day public consultation on their 3-month dog ban proposal.


Revote Passes Dog Ban on 20 Feb 14

2 years, 186 days ago

The Council take 3 separate votes to overturn a proper and legal vote taken in December 2013 that defeated their dog ban.


Dog Ban Defeated on 19 Dec 2013

2 years, 249 days ago

A motion to ban dogs that is similar to the one made in June 2013, which was rescinded in October 2013, is defeated, but then carried (illegally).


Dog Ban Resolution Rescinded

2 years, 312 days ago

The dog ban voted for in June 2013 is rescinded. The reasons are not published and the public are not informed of the Council's intention to continue to pursue a dog ban.


Council Meeting on 20 June 2013

3 years, 66 days ago

Mevagissey Parish Council voted to ban dogs on Portmellon Beach during July, August and September.


Consultation Response & Petition

3 years, 87 days ago

Dogs Love Portmellon's submission to Mevagissey Parish Council in response to their Dog Control Order consultation.


Public Consultation Started

3 years, 123 days ago

Mevagissey Parish Council has started an informal consultation to gain views on a Dog Control Order on Portmellon Beach.


Comments from Petition Entries

3 years, 284 days ago

As of 14 November 2012 the petition has been signed by 109 people. Read some of their comments.


Information Request Response

3 years, 303 days ago

Summary of MPC's response to the Freedom of Information Act request made on 28 September 2012.


Request for Information

3 years, 331 days ago

A Freedom of Information Act request to Mevagissey Parish Council for information relating to dogs on Portmellon Beach.


Letter of Complaint about Dog Ban

3 years, 359 days ago

Letter of complaint, sent to Mevagissey Parish Council regarding resolution passed on 16 August 2012.


Parish Council Vote for Dog Ban

4 years, 9 days ago

Mevagissey Parish Council vote for a total ban of dogs on Portmellon Beach between Easter and 1st October.